The security of your survey and its data is important. There are several options for you to control who can participate in, view the results of, and download data collected in your survey. Use the links below to go directly to the page in the web site to set-up the option you required.  When you select a link, the label of the field on the page that you need to change will be shown in bold red.

The following table shows the options to allow other people to:

  • Create and maintain your survey,
  • Do your survey,
  • View the results of your survey, and
  • Download the results of your survey.

People can access your survey annonmously without loggin on, by logging on, or you can provide them with anonymous access using an access code. These options are shown in the first column of the following table. The other columns show the operations that can be performed based on how you have set-up your survey security.

Who is the person (down) and what can they do (across) Create and Maintain Survey Do Survey View Survey Results Download Data
Public Can Do Survey Public Can View Results Public Can Download Data
Checked Unchecked Checked Unchecked Checked Unchecked
Logged On - Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logged On - Moderator - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logged On - Participant - Yes Yes Yes - Yes -
Logged On - No Access - - - - - - -
Non-logged-on Person - Yes - Yes - Yes -
Non-logged-on Person With Do Survey Access Code - Yes Yes - - - -
Non-logged-on Person With View Survey Results Access Code - - - Yes Yes - -
Non-logged-on Person With Retrieve Data Access Code - - - - - Yes Yes
Note: Place the cursor over the blue text for additional details and select an option to link to the page where you can setup the required security option in your survey.