This section allows you to change information displayed with your survey and how it is accessed.


  • Add information about your organisation such as your web site and logo to include in your survey.


  • Change your survey title and other information about how you want your survey displayed for your participants.


  • Set-up how people can access your survey.


  • Define the people that can participate in, view the results of, and help you change your survey.


  • View the cost of running your survey.

Multiple Response

  • You can create custom reports based on combining several responses or all the responses to your survey.

Discount Donations

  • If you create a custom report based on responses to your survey, you can charge people to view their individual report and offer discounts and donations to other organsations.


  • Change the authorisation status of your survey.


  • Run a report that lists all the options selected and the questions in your survey.